Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Check out some awesome sermons!!

Check out some of these awesome messages from Bishop Norman Mills at my home church of New Beginning  Apostolic Church!!

Friday, August 9, 2013


I know when I first came into the church, I was a little offended by the idea of a standard that we as Christians must maintain. I had no doubt in my mind what it took for a person to be saved. I felt that in my own spirit just as I watched the Holy Ghost move throughout a congregation, and I wasn't even filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost yet! But, I struggled with giving up the things I wore,cutting my hair, acting a certain way towards people. For almost a year I blamed people in my church, and the struggle with my friends and family, on why I couldn't give these things up. I would wear make-up and tight pants, wanting my boyfriend's approval to say it was okay, so it could be justified in my own mind. Praise God, he was never okay with it!
I knew there was a standard I needed to uphold, but I would never allow myself to uphold it because I refused to learn why. Why should women not cut their hair? Why are men allowed to have certain responsibilities over women (that's a whole other post for another rainy day)? I kept asking "why?", but I never wanted an answer, because then I would know that I truly was wrong. 
Something that was a hard lesson to learn in my walk with God is that you should never lose the thirst to gain more from God. Not wondering what God has in store for just you, but how can you praise God? How can I lift Him up? How can I be the witness I need to be? How do I become more Christ-like? Because that's really the definition of a Christian isn't it? Someone who is Christ-like, or strives whole-heartedly to be that way? We call ourselves Christians, but we don't always show it. 
What can help us achieve that? Having that standard. Especially when you are new to God, and living an Apostolic-Pentecostal lifestyle, one of the best things (I think) you can do is to talk to your pastor about standards. Some churches even have theirs typed up on their websites with Scripture to back up why they do what they do--I do caution you though, because although some churches may live by the standard, they don't believe in Oneness, or water baptism, or speaking in tongues. I highly suggest going to your pastor, and if you're a woman, go to your pastor's wife! They are there to help you!!
Check out the UPCI website and go through some of the links on there, and for you ladies, you really should read "Unmasked", "The Girl in the Dress", and "Covered By Love" by Lori Wagner. She gives a great Bible study on modesty, our hair, and make-up, tattoos, and piercings. It's very well researched, and she gives a lot of great beauty, clothes, and hair tips! Check it out!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guess Who: Bible Edition

I'm sure this is already a product somewhere, but how awesome would a Guess Who: Bible Edition be? You could take it one step further and do one board that's strictly Old Testament, and another that's New Testament! Even though I'm an adult, this would be something I would love to know. I'm not an expert on "Who's Who in the Bible", but this could definitely be a step to getting better acquainted with our own history, and for those who's lives and choices are lessons to us today. There could even be one on strictly disciples! Or on certain teachings, and it turns into a: "Who preached it?"  This needs to happen!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm on Pinterest!

Plus Size Skirts

It has been an absolute struggle lately to find decent, modest, cheap skirts for plus size women. Especially jean or khaki floor length skirts for work. I'm not a very experienced shopper, so if anyone knows the perfect seasons to find skirts or cheap places, preferably not online (just because I'm the kind of person that has to try it on first), I would appreciate your comments!!!

Welcome welcome!

Hey y'all! I'm a new Apostolic woman, just trying to do my best for God before He takes me home! I was brought up in a Christian home and church, but I could never stick to my convictions. When I went to college, and was looking for a church, my best friend brought me to his Apostolic church, and I was opened up to so much more than I had ever experienced!! I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost several months later, and was baptized in Jesus' name!! For a year after I was born again, I had a really hard time changing my standards of living. I grew up dancing, cutting my hair, and wearing some very provocative things. I didn't understand why I had to change myself for God. When I reached bottom, I prayed that prayer of desperation, and my eyes were suddenly opened and tongues came! I'm not changing for God in a degrading way towards myself, but giving Him respect, and giving the body and person He created respect! I struggle with my flesh sometimes, and having my family not understand why I do what I do can be discouraging, my goal in life, this one and the next, is to be an instrument for God! I want to use this blog to share some of my struggles, to start prayer chains, do devotionals, and provide encouragement to anyone out there that need it from a fellow sister in Christ! I work and go to school in a place where it's very hard to find other Godly people to associate with. I'm still a "newborn", but every day I'm growing in the Lord, and I constantly thirst for knowledge. I'm in no way a scholar, but I can do my best to help you. And for those out there, who'd like to help me, please don't hesitate!!